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Boxer Dog Origin and History

Boxer Dog Origin

The Boxer dog breed originates from Germany and finds its
early ancestor to be a mastiff type dog, the large Mo lossian
Hound. Later, this dog evolved into what was called the
Bullenbeisser. The Bullenbeiszer's roots go back to Belgium
and these ancestors were known as great hunting and working
dogs. Originally used to hunt wild boar and later used for
working with cattle these dogs eventually diverged into

different types, the smaller of which were called the Brabanter Bullenbeiszer. After
mixing with a forerunner of the English Bulldog, the dog became what is known today as
the Boxer breed around the mid to lat e 19th century. The Boxer dog origin and history
becomes well documented at that point as Boxer dog breed clubs were formed in
Germany in the 1860s.

Boxer Dog Breed History

What we know of as the Boxer today can be traced to the 1830s when a breeder cro ssbred
the Brabanter Bullenbeiszer with the English Bulldog, but the Boxer dog breed history
really begins in the 1860s as breeders began to establish and develop guidelines for the
breed. In 1895 the Boxer Club was formally formed and further improvement s were
made to the standards of the Boxer dog breed. Although initially the Boxer dog breed was
generally white, by 1925 white was not accepted as a proper color for the breed. In fact,
the color of choice now is fawn and brindle and any dog with more tha n a third of its coat
white will be disqualified in AKC events.

TheBoxer dog breed came to the United States around the beginning of the 1900s but did
not become a popular dog breed until the 1940s. The breed was first registered by the
American Kennel Club in 1904 and the first Boxer Champion was recognized in 1915. In
1949 a famous Boxer dog, Bang Away, won Best in Show at the Westminster and went
on to win 121 more Best in Shows over the course of six years. Bang Away became a
famous dog, appearing on the front of magazine such as Life and Esquire. Due to the
success of this one dog, the Boxer dog breed became very popular in the United States at
the time and continues to be one of the 10 most popular breeds as determined by the
American Kennel Club .



Blunt face, steady gaze with a hint of mischief, an undeniable joy of life, and incredible grace, the Boxer is affectionate to children and a steadfast friend and guardian to the whole family.

What more could a dog owner ask of his best friend?

Low maintenance? The Boxer is a clean canine with a short coat that needs little more than a wipe-down and an occasional bath.

Intelligence? The Boxer scores well in the smarts department.

Versatility? The Boxer does well in obedience, agility, and therapy work and has served credibly as a war dog and a police dog.

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